Friday, August 1, 2008


Lena Platonos has contributed much to the Greek electronic music scene
with records such as Maskes Iliou, Gallup, Lepidoptera,
at a time (mid 80s) when this kind of electronic narration of
the Greek -and often of her personal-reality did not have the impact
one would expect.
Perhaps the exclusive use of analog electronic musical instruments was
not so tangible in Greece during that period; however, and apart from
that, we should also pay attention to the textual aspect of these
Songs about ‘emigredes’ (immigrants), the absolute power of computers
in our daily lives and the hermetic guard of our private spaces, through
the unique narration skill and poeticalness that only Lena Platonos has
achieved, give us the image of an artist who worked ahead of her time,
with an exceptional talent for conceiving issues that were to conquer our
TV screens and newspapers many years later.

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