Tuesday, August 18, 2009

blogDieSi 1 is out for summer

Poros island
photo taken by Harry Leventis
painting by Pamela Jane Rogers
Poros island(Greece)
-Paralion Astros (Greece)

Nafplio The castle of Bourtzi (Greece)
Epidaurus Theatre
-Methana, volcano (Greece)

Ermioni (Greece)


Renegade Eye said...

To take a bad picture in Greece requires work. It's a beautiful country, that everyone wants to visit.

OT: Marxist.com has a story about Fela, written some time ago.

CHRIS I. G. said...

This is a fact.But there is another set of photos you must see,with the title "Political crimes against the nature and humanity" showing the physical disaster caused by the fires last week at Athens....