Monday, December 15, 2014

Giampiero Boneschi

  Giampiero Boneschi (Milan, January 31, 1927) is a conductor, composer and arranger Italian.
In the 1950s he formed several groups including, a trio with drummer Gil Cuppini and Eraldo Volonte saxophonist.He has collaborated and recorded for several labels, including the master's voice, Odeon, Philips, Karim, Durium, Cam, Discs and many other memories.Exclusive contract with Columbia as soloist piano.It was arranger-orchestrator-conductor and as a consultant, has participated in some editions of the Sanremo Festival, with the new instrument MOOG.He has conducted in Rome on the Rose Festival.He represented Italy in 1960 at the festival in Rio de Janeiro.He wrote and performed the abbreviations on several radio and television programs including Double or nothing for RAI and Seriously for Channel 5.Among the artists for whom he edited the musical figure Luigi Tenco, Fabrizio De Andrè, Gino Paoli, Umberto Bindi and many others.He was artistic director of Discs Memories and consultant hiring decision of the artists.The case RAI retains all activities from the beginning of the creation of the Italian TV that took place in Milan, of which he was the conductor.The "trio" music Gambarelli-Mojoli-Boneschi broadcasting almost every day from the studies Eiar Milan since the war.Entertainer pianist for American soldiers to '' American red cross "of Milan in the process of repatriation.Married to singer Nuccia Bongiovanni, with whom he had two daughters Danila and Mila, later married Fatma Ruffini who bore him Valentina.

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